About us

SIERA  (Sustainable InfrastructurE ReseArch) is a research group of the Department of Civil Engineering that studies and works with all kinds of construction materials. The main research focus lies on the improvement of sustainability, repair and condition assessment.

Even though SIERA is interested in a variety of civil materials, the group is extremely experienced in the field of composites such as concrete and mortar. This specialized civil engineering research group is well known for its extensive research in the field of fibre reinforcement and shotcrete in particular.

However, the research of this group is not limited to one area of the spectrum of construction materials. Wood, steel and polymers are only a few examples of materials this team of researchers works with. SIERA researches, develops and tests construction materials and their chemical, physical and behavioral properties as well as methods to assess the condition of the aforementioned materials.

Even though SIERA is part of the Department of Civil Engineering our graduate students are encouraged to also take courses in other departments such as the Department of Materials Engineering. The goal is to achieve a broad and at the same time detailed background knowledge that is targeted towards the student’s area of research.