SIERA Group has always attempted to contribute as much as possible towards continuing education of graduate students at UBC and other institutions, practicing engineers, business personnel and technicians. Hence, an effort is made each year to host scientific events where researchers get to present and discuss their research findings with fellow researches, designers, practitioners, contractors, entrepreneurs, and consultants from around the world. In addition, our researchers often participate in national and international research forums, competitions, and conferences.

Upcoming Events

  • 77th RILEM Annual Week 2023 (dates to be announced)
  • Weekly Seminars:
    • SIERA Group Seminars – Safe & Sustainable Infrastructure – Wednesdays at 5:30 PM PST
    • More Information

Past Events

  • PROTECT 2019 – 7th International Colloquium on Performance, Protection & Strengthening of Structures Under Extreme Loading & Events
  • ISSSI 2019 – 1st Interdisciplinary Seminar on Smart & Sustainable Infrastructures
  • BEFIB 2016
    • September 19-21, 2016