• Why Indian engineers are best? Happy Engineers Day!
    September 15 is celebrated as Engineers Day in India as a tribute to the greatest Indian engineer Sir Mokshagundam Vishweshvaraya. In this video, we explore 3 Indian techies from different fields who have used their knowledge to solve various Indian problems, including Mr. Nemkumar Banthia who experimented with self-repairing roads in a village in Karnataka.
  • The Decider: Cans or Glass Bottles. Does it matter to the planet how your beer or soda is stored?
    Are you a glass bottle half-full or aluminum can half-empty person? We’ve set up a head-to-head battle to learn which container is better for the planet. So grab your soda or beer, and let’s see which serves up the most environmental pints, er, points. Creating a can vs. building a bottle Aluminum comes from a […]
  • India Beckons as Green Technology Market for B.C.
    Changing B.C.’s export strategy can spur a shift towards a greener post-COVID-19 economy, officials say – and the opportunity may be greater with countries where Canadians are comfortable sharing research results and intellectual licences.
  • Canadian Road Technology in Consideration to Drive Innovation in India
    India is embarking on an ambitious program to build a three million kilometres of road network and a Canadian technology which extends paving lifecycle is getting a close look as a key component.
  • UBC Engineers Steer Road-Building Breakthrough
    What began with a small stretch of road in the rural Indian village of Thondebhavi five years ago could soon become the next big thing in global road transportation infrastructure.


SIERA Group Newsletter – February 2021