Ongoing Projects

Strategizing forthcoming construction practices: Increasing sustainable housing for First Nations in the North by automation and digital fabrication

Work has commenced to investigate 3D printing technology for rapid housing construction. Numerous innovations are being investigated, including use of sensors, novel reinforcement systems, functional coatings and reduction in the carbon footprint. The objective is to harness the well-established research expertise available within the SIERA group at UBC in the areas of building materials and processes and develop 3D printed family homes that are affordable, durable, cyber-connected and healthy. The multidisciplinary research encompasses three broad domains of Materials & Multifunctional Design, Robotics & Automation and Field Demonstration.

Sensors for Monitoring Durability of Concrete Infrastructure

Chemo-resistive sensors are being developed that monitor chloride intrusion profiles in reinforced concrete structures. Sensors monitor the thresholds required for corrosion initiation in steel.

Performance Evaluation and Development of Corrosion Resistant Multiphase Composite Coatings for Protection and Rehabilitation of Sewer Pipes

Investigating biocorrosion in concrete waste-water and sewer pipes, bacteria induced corrosion and identification of a number of critical parameters. The research team is working to develop, test and verify the technology in a larger scale with the following objectives:

  • Extend the service life of sewage pipes, manholes and chambers
  • Develop, optimize a durable, sustainable, economical repair alternative
  • Assess, optimize, test the material for precast applications and  3D printing
  • Conduct mid-scale and full-scale demonstration projects
  • Promote higher learning in pipe coatings and sustainable repair solutions
  • Assess the environmental impacts and life cycle cost

Eco-friendly Ductile Cementitious Composite (EDCC)

SIERA is continuing work on the Eco-friendly Ductile Cementitious Composite (EDCC) developed in previous years. The material is being tested further for seismic strengthening of highly vulnerable unreinforced masonry structures. Full scale testing is being performed on masonry units strengthened with Eco-friendly Ductile Cementitious Composite (EDCC) coatings.

Eco-friendly Ductile Geopolymer Composite (EDGC)

Investigating the Tensile Performance of EDGC (Eco-friendly Ductile Geopolymer composites) mixes by conducting dynamic tensile testing on an impact machine and quasi-static tensile testing on Instron.

Internal Curing of Concrete with Micro-Cellulose and Nano-Cellulose Fiber

Use of recycled cellulose fiber for internal curing in concrete is being investigated.